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April is here! It's a time for spring cleaning, within our homes, and within ourselves. We've chosen powerful healer Tourmalinated Quartz to assist us with our mental and emotional spring cleaning this year, as our April zen jewelz Stone of the Month.

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. This gemstone absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, and is excellent for unblocking it. Quartz works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. Quartz filters out distractions, aids concentration and unlocks memory.

Embedded within crystalline Quartz are rods of beautiful black Tourmaline. Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. This gemstone clears and balances all the chakras, forming a protective shield around the body. Tourmaline aids in the understanding of oneself and others, taking you deep into yourself, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. It banishes any feeling of being a victim, and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer, transmuting negative thought patterns into positive ones. It is helpful for treating paranoia and overcoming dyslexia;

Tourmalinated Quartz brings together the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline. An effective grounding stone, Tourmalinated Quartz strengthens the body's energy field against external invasion, and deflects environmental issues and influences. It dissolves patterns, and releases tensions at any level. This amazing gemstone harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities, turning negative thoughts and energies into positive ones.

Psychologically, it is a stone that helps to integrate and heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage. Tourmalinated Quartz is a highly effective problem solver.

For the month of April only, the medium faceted round zen jewelz Tourmalinated Quartz gemstone bracelet is reduced from $150 to just $65! That's over 50% off! Invite balance, healing, and peace into your life with our special spring gemstone!

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Price: $150.00
April Stone of Month $65.00
Save $85.00!

A grounding & strengthening stone.
Aids in eliminating patterns, which are, or may have been destructive in ones own life.
Balances yin/yang energies.
Aids in adjusting imbalances throughout the body.
Protects against negativity & protects one from being victimized by the negative energies of others.
An effective problem solver.